SEO Strategies to Optimize your Blog Site

Do you know apart from the E-commerce sites the other sites that appeal to most of the web traffic are Blog sites? Yes, you read it right. Blog sites are found to be the ones that attract a huge amount of web traffic in the world. If you have a blog site and want to attract web traffic to your site then here are some simple SEO strategies that will bring a lot of traffic to your site.

Making an SEO Friendly Blog

When it comes to Optimizing your Blog website the first thing you need to focus on is making your blog SEO friendly. In order to make your site SEO friendly, you need to understand the presentation of your site. The Search Engines care a lot about the way a user experiences when he first enters your website. 

These are some of the factors that will help you to monitor the user experience of your website.

1. The Bounce Rate - This first factor is the most essential in the case of SERP. The bounce rate of your site must be low, as this indicates that your site is useful, is easy to navigate and has relevant content.
2. User time spent - If the users spend a good amount of time at your site this means that they like the content your site is delivering and this results in increasing the conversion rate of your website.

3. The Website design - The design of your website is also responsible for increasing or decreasing the bounce rate and the user time spend on your website make sure your website is designed with an easy navigation system. This is so because if your website is easy to navigate it will make your users browse more pages and this will indicate to the Search Engines that your website has a strong user performance.

Optimization of Blog images for Web Traffic

Image is an essential ingredient to your Blog and it is required that you place good quality and completely optimised image to your Blog to increase the quality of user experience.

According to Orbit Media research, the majority of Bloggers who have achieved a good response from users and have built a strong user experience are the ones who have focused a lot on their Visual Content.

image optimization

How to Optimize Images for Your Blog?

1. Using Original Images- Orginal Images will always pay you off. If you want better results make sure you don't compromise with the quality of the Images.

2. Use Responsive Images- The images you use have to be accessible on all the different kind of devices like Desktops, Mobiles, Tablets and also on devices with different dimensions.

3. Use of Alt Tags- Alt tags to the images will make it easier for your images to appear on Google Searches, the alt tags tell the search engines what the image is all about. Use your main keywords when specifying your blog images with alt tags.

4. Use Quality Images- It is important that you select an image with high resolution this will help you to create a strong UX. Provide a good number of images to your blog and make sure the images are relevant to the content.

5. Use the correct format- Using an image format that has a bad image quality or take a lot of time to open will create a negative impact and can possibly increase the bounce rate, the image format jpeg is frequently used as it creates much less overhead. Use this format for all your images to deliver a good user experience. 

Keyword Research Strategy for Blog Site

No doubt, Keywords play an important role when it comes to ranking a website. The use of keywords is responsible for your website to answer all the related queries put on Google by individuals. The better way you put your Keywords the easier it will be for users to find relevant content they are looking for. In order to read all about Keywords check out my blog on Keyword research, its type and how to use Keywords.

keyword search

Now once you are done with understanding the keywords and which keyword must be used where to let us understand the exact purpose of using keywords to support our SEO and give it a boost. When making our site SEO friendly we have to be sure we deliver our content in such a manner that not only its easy to understand to our readers but also that it is able to speak the language that is understood by the search engines, and the use of relevant and optimised Keywords do that for us.

When our website is being crawled by the Google Spiders or the Google Bots they scan the paragraphs and take a deep look over the keywords to examine the quality of the content and to provide the users with what they are looking for. 

For the search engines "The content is The King" and if you want to rank your blog you also have to put in efforts to make your content the king. There are many tools available that will help you in Keyword research. You can go for the tools like- Semrush, Ahref, Ubersuggest and many more. These tools will give you the best results and make it super easy for you to select your keywords.

Now let's discuss the points that you must follow while using the keywords.

1. Avoid the overuse of keywords. Make sure you don't fill your entire content with keywords as this result in creating no value for the content. It is suggested that the keyword ratio must be between 1-2% when compared to the content. Using a high range of keywords will mark your site as a spammy one by google bots. You can use the tool keyword density checker by SEO small tools to calculate the density of your keywords. 

2. As mentioned earlier about the use of alt tags, it is advised to use your main keywords in the image tags of your content to create a strong value for your keywords. 

3. Don't get stuck to using only a particular type of keyword in your content, list out the different types of relevant keywords making a good combination of primary keywords, secondary keywords, long-tail keywords, short-tail keywords, customer defining keywords and product defining keywords.

Internal Linking to Optimize your Site

Linking your internal pages is an amazing way to strengthen your website. The internal linking will increase the user performance on your blog and pull in good results for your website. 

Let's take a look at the different things you need to remember while providing an internal link.

1. When linking another page of your site do remember to use the relevant keyword in the anchor tag, the use of a related keyword will give you better results.

2. When adding a link to any phrase or keyword make sure that the content present on the inked page is completely relevant to the keyword so that the internal linking may not be a reason to create confusion to the users and the Google bots.

3. It is a good idea to provide a link to your other content at the end of your blog, this will make your users stay for a little more time and also by this method you will be able to make the audience navigate from one blog to another.

Promoting your Blog through Social Media

social media

Social Media is the place where you can find tons of audience who are looking for content or knowledge that you shared on your blog. Give a good boost to your blog by sharing it on different social media platforms. 

In the end, remember consistency is the key to success, come up with your new ideas and give them a try. Observe your competitors and understand your audience this is how you will be able to reach more audience and rank over Search Engines.


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